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Mars opposition or square Uranus



         Making your soul flight from your experience in the Uranus dimension before beginning another earth life, you made a consciousness visit to the Mars realm. Some of your Uranian lessons in how to deal with extremes -- for instance through your urges for independence, originality, and even clairvoyance on the higher mental level -- were over energized in the Martian dimension. As a result, you chose to carry into your present life certain challenges to be met. In other words, this is an adverse influence, giving you a quick-tempered nature, as well as extremes at times when you become moody, apparently without cause.



         Now, by choosing a birthday when Uranus and Mars were in an adverse aspect at your birth you called up from your akashic ledger a pattern of attracting people from past lives into situations which will test you, especially by challenging your need for freedom and independence.  One of these prior lifetimes was likely to have been during the height of the Roman Empire.  Whether as a Roman or as one closely involved with the ancient Roman culture, say during the early Christian church period, you often faced conflict and confrontation.



         Therefore, beware of wrath in your inner self, and in grudges which may be built through the influence of anger in your relationships with your fellow man. For, discontent comes first within yourself by what appears to be the cutting off of privileges, or of the freedom of your movements in what you think of as your personal interests. Be sure and weigh this well before you act.



         For example, you are likely to have someone in your immediate vicinity, such as your spouse, who has a quick temper. He or she would test your need to learn always to react with patience and forgiveness. Or, you could find yourself somehow seeming always to be in stressful situations, especially in your work, where contentions and competition offer even more testing of your ability to respond with moderation and restraint.



         Because you took your position from the influences of Mars and of Uranus, there are latent influences exhibited in your personality throughout your life because you are surrounded by these forces of Mars which brings many contentions of every variety. With like attracting like, there must be tension in your magnetic-aura field from your past lives which attracts this stress and tension -- in addition to drawing discord to you, there can be danger through sudden accidents or some form of unexpected violence.



         Also, something you say or do which appears thoughtless, reckless and disruptive to another may be to you just good sound sense and candid, free exercise of your own power. Yet present through the influence of Mars are elements of contention and dissatisfaction which bring much distress at times to yourself as well as to others.



         There is the need, then, almost to be overcareful and overthoughtful in your judgment and actions so that others cannot overreact adversely. At the same time, when conflicts do arise, try to bless them as opportunities for you to learn yet more patience. For, it is only through patience that we can with integrity claim, truly possess, our souls. [2385-1, 265-1, 1735-2]

       几乎是过分谨慎和再三思量你的判断和行动,对你来说是必要的,从而使别人不会对你过度反对。同时,当冲突发生时,尝试祝福他们,这是让你学习更多耐心的机会。因为,只有通过耐心才能使我们与神圣完整性一致,从而真正拥有我们的灵魂。(凯西解读报告之  2385-1 265-1 1735-2@