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* Jupiter conjunct Uranus 


In entering the earth for your present experience, you were under the influence of Jupiter and Uranus, from indwellings as a soul in their psychic atmosphere. Your experience in the mental environment of Jupiter indicates that you have a vast and varied background from your past lives, with special capacities for dealing with large groups of people. The high points of your previous incarnations were most likely during the time of Jesus and an Atlantean experience millennia earlier. You probably have been involved in a variety of large-scale endeavors, whether in religious, financial, physical or social fields. However, you may well be wary of involvement in politics, due in part to tendencies for sudden, unexpected changes coming to you through individuals (also Atlanteans?) and circumstances over which you have little or no control.


Of likely attraction to you is religious reform and service, especially in their more unorthodox and esoteric aspects. You probably have an innate awe for spiritual ministry and respect for those whose intents are to serve others through the Church or religious orders. Yet if any of these individuals in the ministry or any of these religious service organizations are seen by you as shameful, hypocritical or fake in any way, then your feeling is likely to be abhorrence rather than awe.


Connected with your high standards of religious duty and service is the trustworthiness and borderline genius of your intuitive judgment. You can be trusted as few others can when you give your word or share an intuitive insight on something. Yet if your judgment is governed by financial or material considerations, or if alcohol, drugs or escapism, fantasy and illusion prevail, then it will be to your own undoing.


Being true to yourself will always bring you a form of satisfaction that breeds neither contempt, dishonor or shame. Acting on your intuition and first impressions can be helpful in overcoming indifference and qualms of conscience on your part. That is, you may tend to keep your intuitive, psychic abilities too much to yourself out of respect for their sacred nature. Others, however, can be greatly benefitted by your intuitive capacities by helping them overcome indifference and inertia in their own spiritual search.


Jupiter's influence with Uranus makes for tendencies for you to be restless, easily influenced by suggestion, yet quite creative and inventive. You are also likely to be considered by your associates as a hardheaded individualist very set in your ways, with beliefs, opinions and concepts which are uniquely your own.


With the extraordinarily broad vision you have on many subjects, you are well suited to enable others toward a better concept of their own unique mission and the proper direction of their spiritual search. You could help many through assisting them in centering their efforts to find spiritual guidance, in improving their mental or psychological self-understanding and bringing material aid in the physical sense, for instance through career counseling and business advice.


The big, expansive influences you gained during your soul sojourns in the realms of Jupiter and Uranus have been constructively built into your spiritual life. The special blessing which may come to you from this soul development --through continued application of your will in this direction --is the possibility that future incarnations will be unnecessary for you. [1135-1, 279-4]@

在您灵魂旅居木星和天王星领域的这段时期,您所获得的巨大和广阔的影响,已经被建设性地融入到您的属灵生命中。来自于这样的灵魂发展,经由在这个方向上继续执行您的意志,可能给您带来一个特别的祝福,也就是将来您不必继续转世的可能性。 [1135-1,279-4]