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In many ways, representing a merging of the two most benevolent planetary influences -- Jupiter and Venus -- their conjunction at the time of your birth is the most, auspicious fortunate astrological aspect possible. Drawing into the past, from your likely Jupiterian sojourn between incarnations you are likely to be one of "Jupiter's children". That is, you probably have had at least one lifetime when you were in a high position to be a positive influence on many souls.

在许多方面,代表两个最仁慈的行星——木星和金星——影响的合力,它们在你出生时的合相,是最吉祥的幸运相位。 回顾过去,你在转世之间的木星逗留期间,你很可能成为“木星之子”。 也就是说,您可能至少有一生处于高位,可以对许多灵魂产生积极影响。


 Looking toward the future, your chances are good--better than most-- that with will's application you can achieve what the Brahmin priestly astrologers of India call Moksha, or liberation from the rebirth cycle. While you may not need to reincarnate again, you may nonetheless choose to return once more to help your soul brothers and sisters find their way back.

展望未来,你的机会很好——比大多数人都好——通过意志的应用,你可以实现印度婆罗门祭司、占星家所说的 Moksha,或从转世周期中解脱。 虽然您可能不需要再次转世,但您仍然可以选择再次返回,以帮助您的灵魂兄弟姐妹找到回去的路。


Your experience in the consciousness environment of Venus inclines you to have close friendships throughout your experience. Not only is this expressed as a great love for your fellow man but one which makes for the tie that really binds: a spiritual love rather than just a romantic or fleshly bond. Hence kindred souls in all walks of life are attracted to you as a help meet in their struggles.

你在金星意识环境中的经历,使你倾向于在整个人世经历中拥有亲密的友谊。 这不仅表达为对你的同胞的一种伟大的爱,而且是一种真正结合的领带:一种灵性上的爱,而不仅仅是一种浪漫或肉体的关系。 因此,各行各业的志同道合的灵魂都会被你吸引,作为他们困苦中的帮手。


         Your Jupiter and Venus experiences give you a love of nature and an appreciation of beauty in its most profound sense. You also have considerable abilities in teaching, writing and counseling. You could prepare data, dream and self-analysis journals, chants, color charts and mandalas for constructive use by individuals and meditation groups, for instance. Combining music, singing and rhythmical movement to fields like depth psychology and spiritual counseling, you could be a light on a hill for many who grope in darkness. You may find great power in the instruction and help you can lend to others seeking knowledge which makes for a more universality of thought along spiritual lines.

你的木星和金星经历,让你热爱大自然,欣赏最深刻意义上的美。 你在教学、写作和咨询方面也有相当的能力。

例如,您会擅长各种数据、梦和自我分析日志、圣歌、颜色图表和曼荼罗,供个人和冥想团体建设性使用。 将音乐、歌唱和有节奏的运动与深度心理学和灵性咨询等领域相结合,对于许多在黑暗中摸索的人来说,您可以成为山上的一盏灯。



Your high abilities are rooted in past lives where you gave of yourself continually. You may have been a king or queen, or closely associated with religious leaders, say during New England witchhunt days or New Testament times, with Moses' family after the Exodus or reaching perhaps your greatest soul development as an Atlantean priest or priestess.

你的高超能力植根于你不断奉献自己的前世。 你可能是国王或王后,或者与宗教领袖密切相关,比如在新英格兰猎巫时代或新约时代,在出埃及之后与摩西的家人在一起,或者作为亚特兰蒂斯祭司或女祭司,达到了你最大的灵魂发展。


Your positivity and enthusiasm are likely to you bring tendencies toward extravagance and you may at times border on restlessness, stubbornness and overindulgence. Otherwise, tolerance and patience are all that you need to work on for your more complete soul development. Used correctly your abilities may well make for experiences whereby you will be considered blessed -- not just "lucky", although inheritances and large earning potentials are your lot as well -- for many are likely to be influenced by your activities this lifetime.

你的积极性和热情,也可能会给你带来挥霍无度的倾向,有时你可能会接近躁动、固执和过度放纵。但是,为了更完整的灵魂发展,你只需要宽容和耐心。 正确使用你的能力很可能会带来一些经历,你会被认为是幸运的——不仅仅是“幸运”,尽管继承和巨大的收入潜力也是你的命运——因为许多人可能会受到你这一生活动的影响。


    In summary, you are inclined to do good to others, always preferring others before yourself. You should have a high ennobling influence on people's lives and dislike any petty, small or mean remarks or disputes. In giving others -- as well as yourself -- the opportunity to discover and express their individuality, you will go far in giving them the opportunity of expressing brotherly or spiritual love and oneness.

总而言之,你倾向于为他人为善,总是喜欢把他人的利益放在自己之前。 你应该对人们的生活有很高贵的影响力,你不喜欢小事、闲碎或刻薄的言论或争吵。 给他人和自己机会去发现和表达他们的个性,给他们机会表达兄弟或灵性之爱和一体性,你走在众人前面。 [凯西解读987-2, 569-6, 1188-2, 5618-8, 1035-1, 318-2, 994-1]